Ylang Ylang & Calendula - Botanical Bath Salts
Ylang Ylang & Calendula - Botanical Bath Salts

Ylang Ylang & Calendula - Botanical Bath Salts

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Enjoy the fragrant and relaxation of nature!

Pamper your body and soul with the exceptional Ylang Ylang & Calendula Botanical Bath Salts blended with pure essential oils to stimulate your senses. Loaded with Epsom salt and dried botanicals to leave your skin silky smooth while you’re having a luxurious spa experience in your own home.

Our mineral-rich formula includes Himalayan pink salt to soothe and renew the skin and Epsom salt which is high in magnesium that helps to relax stiff and aching muscles.

  • Scented with pure essential oils
  • Infused with organic botanicals
  • Naturally mineral-rich

 A special aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang and rose geranium essential oils help to relax your mind.

Instructions of use:
Simply add a tablespoon or a small handful to your bath. Then sink in, relax and enjoy your soft soothed skin!

Our Bath Salt is sufficient for up to 5-6 full baths.

This salt does NOT contain:
• Artificial Colours
• Artificial Fragrances
• Parabens
• Steroids

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Himalayan Pink Salt, rock sea salt, Corn flowers, organic calendula petals. Essential Oils: Ylang ylang and rose geranium.

250 grams packaged in a stand-up pouch.

Please keep in a dry and cool place.